Turkey Donuts

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These treats are fun to add for your Thanksgiving dessert, especially for the kids!



Melt white chocolate morsels in a safe microwavable bowl. Divide in half. Tint one half with the orange food gel. Keep the other white. Place the melted white chocolate in a piping bag with a small tip (or cut a small tip with a scissor. On parchment paper make small white dots for the eyes. Put in the refrigerator to harden. Then melt the dark chocolate in a safe microwavable bowl. Once the white chocolate is hardened, make a smaller dot using the dark chocolate for the pupil. You can use another piping bag or even a toothpick for this. Take one glazed donut hole and place it in the center of the chocolate donut. Attached the eyes with a tiny bit of the white chocolate in the piping bag to make them stick. Use another piping bag and add the orange colored white chocolate to create the legs on the donut. Gobble, Gobble all done!